Events for the month of December 2020: Term II Periodic Test (VI to IX) Unit Test II Class XI From 14 Dec to 23 Dec, Pre Board II Class XII (From 17 Dec to 26 Dec), Pre Board I class X (From 14 Dec to 23 Dec). For datesheet click the link datesheet under school update.
1 G. Vaishnav Rao 2004-05 Public Prosecutor at Andhra Pradesh High Court
2 Shefali Anand 2005-06 FLT Lt in Indian Air Force
3 Prabjot Singh 2006-07 Working as Sr. Manager Deloitte Company, Canada
4 Balwinder Singh 2006-07 Lt in The Indian Navy
5 Bikram Oberoi 2007-08 Software Engineer in Cognizant Tech, Pune
6 Fatinderjit Singh 2007-08 BDS
7 Harsh Behl 2009-10 Forensic Engineer at Dubai
8 Rohit Bisht 2012-13 Selected in NDA
9 Shubham Pandey 2013-14 Selected in NDA
10 Shubham Saikia 2014-15 Selected through TES
11 Gaurav Tiwari 2007-08 Selected in IMA through CDS(Jan 2017)
12 Yogesh Yadav 2007-08 Selected in NDA